NY01019 - Testing Of Air or Steam Sterilising and Pasteurising Processes and Development of Operating Procedures

The purpose of this report was to test and document a standardized method of air/steam sterilization and pasteurization processes for the nursery and garden industry. The project also developed a user manual of operating procedures for the steam/air soil pasteurization and sterilization unit. The steam/air soil pasteurization and sterilization unit is now widely available and offers nurseries a reliable and cost efficient means of controlling contamination spread through soil and growing media. A more efficient insulated unit is being developed and tested and it will be available at the beginning of 2008. The result of the testing of C-Mac’s Pasteurisation Trailer gives confidence to the nursery use in the actual known performance of the equipment and the resultant product being processed. Hence, a standardisation of the pasteurization process for industry.