AH00022 - A Strategy for Horticulture to Best Capture, Store and Make Available Relevant Information on Environmental Management

This report was commissioned to address the question: “How can horticulture best capture, store and make available relevant information on environmental management?” Based on the literature review findings, two surveys were developed; one for the supply chain members, and one for ‘other stakeholders’. The aim of the supply chain survey was to develop an understanding of environmental information needs and delivery preferences. The aims of “other stakeholders” survey were to determine information delivery preferences and to capture a snapshot of the existing stakeholder skills base with respect to environmental topics. In general the consultation findings revealed an urgent need for additional tailored, locally relevant information products. In addition, the results indicated that many industry members are struggling to cope with an existing information overload.  Considered as a whole the recommended strategy represents the most economical and efficient was to effectively meet the diverse information needs or horticulture industry members, across all commodity groups and sectors. In order to encourage the adoption of sustainable production practices, it is strongly recommended that the strategy be implemented as soon as is practicable.