NY99044 - Biological Control with Trichopel

A glasshouse trial was said to test the effectiveness of a commercially available formulation of the beneficial fungus Trichoderma (‘Trichopel’), against the common root disease organism, Phytopthora cinnamomi. Trichopel was tested against 3 inoculum levels of P. cinnamomi and in two growing media, with cineraria being the test plant. The effect was inconclusive because results were confounded by the fact that the viable culture of the pathogen introduced into the media could not be recovered at the end of the experiment. The reasons are not understood and future work is required which is beyond the scope of this project. The results on seedling survival may be linked to the presence of certain pathogens in the soil mix, which are known to affect seedling survival, but the cause of the negative impact of Trichopel in bark requires further investigation.