NY98049 - National Nursery Export Analysis Project

This report has been prepared in order to document the procedures undertaken to achieve the aims of the National Nursery Export Analysis project – and to present the finding of that report. The aims of the project were to undertake a national industry analysis to quantify success and impediments to nursery exporting. The project aimed to provide up to date industry data on nursery exporting and has a national focus. Whilst also aiming to develop a simple use guide aimed at those nursery operators with no previous export experience. The guide makes use of information gathered through the national nursery export analysis and provides step by step information on issues relevant to nursery export.  This report is a manes of making available the outcomes of the national Nursery Export Analysis project. It is presented in such a way as to respect the rights of information providers in issues where ‘commercial in confidence” has been indicated. It is requested that any public disclosure of information should be discussed with the Project Leader prior to release.