NY98001 - Victorian Nursery Industry Development Officer

The Victorian Nursery Industry Development Officer Project has been an integral part of the development of the Nursery industry and the position of the NIDO has been widely accepted and appreciated by the industry. Continued and strong growth in the industry has been supported and assisted by this position. The outcomes resulting from this project are an overall increasing in the number of accredited businesses since the start of the project, promotion of the three ‘Accreditation’ schemes in Victoria and Australia, overall increase in the number of training and educational events and people attending these events, increasing in the quantity of materials and articles published on the ‘production’ nursery industry Victoria, continuation of interaction between Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria and other organizations that have an involvement in the nursery industry, and an improvement in the way a nursery business operates from a business, environmental, productivity and profitability point-of-view.