NY97023 - Evaluate & Extend Nursery Irrigation, Drainage & Recycling Practices Set Out In WaterWork Program

This project was set up to develop a training manual and conduct train the trainer workshops to provide each state with a trained WaterWork presenter, to develop a distance education workshop package and to evaluate workshop outcomes and adoption of better irrigation, drainage and recycling practices. The feedback from the evaluation survey indicates that many have changed their irrigation layouts, sprinklers and systems. This is generally producing more even plant growth, reducing ‘thowaways’, using less water and fertiliser and improving the bottom line by improving plant quality and reducing production costs. Many nurseries are now reusing and recycling irrigation and storm water runoff. Adoption of this technology is difficult and expensive in existing nurseries. Most nurseries are taking the opportunity to install there systems when they are expanding or re-developing their site of building a new nursery.