NIASA and EcoHort gain Smart Approved WaterMark status

Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA) and EcoHort guidelines for managing the environment were recently approved by Smart Approved WaterMark as approved services. Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia's leading labelling scheme for products and services that help reduce water use outdoors and around household across Australia. This voluntary scheme was established in 2004 to assist in the reduction of per capita water consumption by acknowledging water efficient products and services.

The approval process required an independently assessment of the water saving measures resulting from NIASA accredited and EcoHort certified businesses. This process was undertaken by the Smart Approved WaterMark Technical Expert Panel who agreed that both NIASA and EcoHort clearly demonstrated water saving measures. These programs join over 230 Smart Approved WaterMark products and services to use Australia’s water-saving label.

Alll current NIASA and EcoHort businesses have been contacted by NGIA advising them of the many ways the Smart Approved WaterMark label can be used. This development will build onto the litany of benefits businesses already receive through gaining NIASA accreditation or EcoHort certification. The Smart Approved WaterMark label will further enhance the sound environmental ethos of NIASA and EcoHort businesses and will act as a valuable marketing tool in recognising the genuine water savings displayed by these accredited/certified businesses.

If you require any further information relating to Smart Approved WaterMark and how it will benefit NIASA and EcoHort businesses, please contact NGIA Environmental and Technical Policy Officer, ph 02 8861 5100 or email

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