Aussie Passion for Plants Continues to Bloom

While the landscape of the Australian backyard is changing, our passion for spending time outdoors isn't. In Newspoll results released today, an astounding 86% of Australians believe that the health, wellbeing and relaxation benefit their garden provides is the top reason they spend time in their backyards.

Interestingly, over 70% of Australians believe that children today spend less time in the garden than when they were young. This is even higher when you speak to parents, and underpins the idea that Australians place a high importance on outdoor lifestyles and want to continue to instil these values in the next generation.

Likewise, women are more likely to see the health benefits of gardening than men, with 73% saying that gardens have a positive effect on their happiness. 76% of women also gain most of their inspiration from enjoying other people's gardens, showcasing that gardens continue to play an important social role in our lifestyles as well.

NGIA CEO Robert Prince commented, "The landscape of the Australian backyard is constantly changing and evolving, however our love of gardens has remained untouched. It's exciting to see Australians really enjoying their backyards and reaping the wellbeing and health benefits of spending time in their garden."

City dwellers are 5% more likely to see the benefit of gardens to our personal wellbeing than Australians living in the country. A third of Australians have balcony and potted gardens as more inner city dwellers adopt green life into their living space and actively incorporate plants into their space-poor homes.

Reinforcing current trends, young Australians are leading the gardening revolution, with 76% of Australians aged 18-34 planning on doing spring gardening this year, 5% higher than all older age groups. Young Australians also believe the aesthetics of gardens are vital with 65% of young Aussies placing a high importance on the look of their garden.

The research commissioned for the Life is a Garden initiative, by Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA), surveyed over 1,200 respondents in July 2009 and highlighted the changing scope of the Australian backyard.

South Australia (76%) and Victoria (75%) lead the states in respondents who intend to garden this spring. Older Australians aged 50+ lead the ‘grow your own' trend (58%) growing their own produce. Continuing with the ‘grow your own' trend, 66% of all Australian adults are growing their own produce and over 75% of Australians grew up with a fruit and vegetable garden.

Of the Australians questioned, a staggering 92% grew up with a lawn in their backyard and of that 86% still have a lawn in their backyard now. 90% of Australians grew up with trees in their backyards.