Award of Merit


The Award of Merit is awarded for outstanding service to the industry throughout Australia. Intended nominees for the award are those engaged in ancillary services such as allied trades, research and development, and education.

1982 Don Eason
1984 Henry Van der Staay
* Gavin Wilton
* AP (Tony) May
1985 Ian Tolley
* Adrian Bowden VALE
1986 Kevin Heinze VALE
1988 Ron Wade VALE
1989 Ken Dunstan
1990 Kevin Handrick
* FG Wood
1992 EG Allender
1993 Don Burke
1995 Llew Fernando VALE
1996 Dr T Steele
1997 Sheila Thompson
1998 Chris Rolfe
1999 Graham Rodgers
2000 Colleen Mailey
2001 Stuart Swaddling
2002 Joy Heard
2003 Peter Trevarthen
2004 Anita Boucher VALE
2007 Graham Ross
2009 Peter Cundall
2010 John McDonald
2012 Colin Campbell VALE
2014 Wes Fleming
2015 Robert Prince
2018 Anthony Kachenko

Any member of Greenlife Industry Australia may propose a nominee through a Director of the Greenlife Industry Australia.