Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) is a not-for-profit, grower-owned Research and Development Corporation (RDC) for Australia’s $9 billion horticulture industry. Hort Innovation invests around $100 million in research and development (R&D) and marketing programs annually to provide benefit to industry and the wider community. Over the next five years, the Nursery Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) will help guide Hort Innovation’s oversight and management of investment programs for the nursery industry. The SIP lays the foundation for decision-making in levy investments and represents the balanced interests of the industry to ensure levy investment decisions align with industry priorities

Garden City Plastics have been supplying the Horticultural market for over 40 years. We’re a Family business manufacturing flower pots in Dandenong Victoria and supplying the most extensive allied product range needed in the horticultural market right throughout Australia. We have warehouse & distribution centres and a team of people servicing every state. We source the highest quality products and support networks assisting your business to achieve its best Yield. We’re focussed suppliers of top quality Pots, Tubes, Buckets, Coir, Peat, Fertiliser, Chemicals, Container Printing and Packaging. At Garden City Plastics, we’ll bring industry knowledge and advice to your door as “Trusted Partners in Horticulture”.

ICL is one of the world’s leaders in the market of specialty fertilizers. Everything we do is focused on one aim: making plants, crops and grass grow better. We leverage state-of-the-art precision nutrition and technologies to ensure maximum growth. We offer a wide range of high quality fertilizers, plant protection products and wetting agents and our team of specialised experts are always here to help and support our customer.

Ball Australia has been operating in Australia since 2001 and offers an extensive range of annual and perennial flower varieties in seed and plugs to professional growers all over Australia.

in 2017 Ball Australia made the move to a larger 18ha site in Skye, Victoria, Australia.
The new production nursery boasts 32,000m2 of growing capacity on 18 hectares of land and puts in place the right tools of the trade for Ball Australia to supply the Australian market quality flower and vegetable young plants.
Plugs are produced to order, in a range of plug sizes: 512, 288, 144 and 105 cells plus production of vegetative items in our specially developed production facility. A wide variety of Ball Certified varieties are available.

If you’re in need of digital commercial printing services or an efficient horticultural plant tag and royalty service, Norwood can help. They have been around for years and have pioneered the way, always ahead of the curve and using the latest and greatest printing technology to ensure a they exceed at every job. They have worked closely with industry to figure out our exact needs to develop both outstanding and practical results. They lead the way with specialised methods including, such as UV printing, and can print on almost all types of materials. They constantly research new printing methods and systems so the end result looks better and is as affordable as possible for all. No matter what printing service you need, give them a call and see the difference Norwood can make today. They are based in Melbourne but are able to help businesses all over Australia.

Hort Journal Australia magazine published monthly by Greener Publishing & Media Pty Ltd. Australia's most exciting Horticultural trade media and communication solution for the nursery and garden industry. Hort Journal Australia services all industry sectors including Production, Wholesale and Retail nurseries, Council and Local Government, Garden Designers and Landscapers, Horticulturists, Allied Industries, Education and Training organisations. Hort Journal Australia is published to fulfil the need of technical and innovative information that was needed in the industry; our writers and contributors are experts in their field.