Energy Assessments

Energy assessments (audits) are a first step and crucial part of the energy and environmental management process. Energy audits refer to the systematic examination of an entity, such as a firm, organization, facility or site, to determine whether, and to what extent, it has used energy efficiently. They may also assess opportunities of potential energy savings through fuel switching, tariff negotiation and demand-side management.

To gather data, energy assessment interview forms and data collection sheets will need to be used. For further information on data collection, contact your Industry Development Officer through your state/territory nursery industry Association.


EnergyCalc is a simple to use online calculator that is designed to assess direct on-farm energy use, costs and the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) associated with diesel, petrol, LPG and electricity consumption. EnergyCalc can also examine energy use across key processes within a production system and can be used to evaluate farming practices such as heating, spraying, irrigation etc.

This calculator has been specifically designed for property and process level energy end-use calculations.

Access to EnergyCalc is controlled via a secure login page from KMSI Portal. Visit to get register your interest in EnergyCalc.

To find out more about EnergyCalc, download a copy of the User Manual by clicking on the icon below.