Farm Management System

Minimise your risk with the Nursery Production Farm Management System

The Nursery Production Farm Management System (NPFMS) enables you to critically evaluate each component of your production nursery identifying areas of concern and manage the identified risks. It allows you to validate your business integrity within the supply chain through an independent auditing process across the disciplines of best practice, environment, and biosecurity.

In consultation with a technical officer, you can tailor the NPFMS to address your unique business risks. By using a systematic approach you will have a pro-active plan for managing change, including technology adoption, resource efficiencies, and enhanced profitability.

The Nursery Production Farm Management System includes 3 key programs:

NIASA- Ensures you maintain a benchmark standard and assists in continuous improvement.

EcoHort - Demonstrates you have sound environmental stewardship and natural resource management.

BioSecure HACCP - Manages your biosecurity risks for both imported and exported material.

For more information contact NGIA.

The Nursery Production Farm Management System has its own dedicated website -

The site contains more details on the program including specific information on each program along with how to seek accreditation through the program.

The site also hosts an extensive digital library of supporting technical material. Subjects covered by the library include; growing media, irrigation and water, pests, diseases and weeds and well as information on pesticides and industry minor use permits. Case studies on the program are also hosted on this website and provide an insight into how the program benefits production nursery, growing media manufacturers and greenlife markets.

NIASA Audit Portal (NAP)

A web-based portal referred to as the NIASA Audit Portal (NAP) has been developed by NGIA to improve the efficiencies of the Nursery Production Farm Management System (FMS) audit process. Businesses engaged with the Nursery Production FMS can use the NAP to access and manage all their confidential NIASA, EcoHort and/or BioSecure HACCP checklists and action plans.

Data entered into the NAP is stored on a secure server and is password protected. Data can only be accessed by the designated NPFMS Auditor or the business in question after logging into the NAP. If your business is part of the Nursery Production FMS, please contact your State/Territory Nursery & Garden Industry Association to obtain login details.

If you have login details, to access the portal, visit