Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed

In 2005, NGIA became a signatory to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD). As a signatory to the EPPRD, NGIA is at the forefront of developments in biosecurity. The EPPRD is a progressive partnership arrangement between governments and NGIA that sees Australian industries and Governments cooperating as equal parties in the management of emergency plant pests (or exotic pests). An emergency plant pest can be defined as a:

Known exotic plant pest

Variant form of an exotic plant pest already established in Australia

New serious exotic plant pest

Plant pest that is being officially controlled in Australia but requiring a significant emergency response to ensure that there is not a large scale epidemic of regional or national significance

As part of this deed, NGIA is directly involved in categorising the emergency plant pests based on their likely environmental, human health, trade, economic and industry impacts. In the event of an incursion, NGIA is also directly involved in decision making about mounting and managing emergency plant pests relevant to industry.

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Please click here to download the April 2007 Nursery Paper titled 'Managing Emergency Plant Pest Incursions'.

To download a copy of FAQs relating to the EPPRD, please click on the icon below: