What can I do?

Biosecurity is a whole of community responsibility and begins at the farm level. Growers have the responsibility to maintain sound on-farm biosecurity practices to protect their plants, livelihood and the greater industry from both endemic and exotic pests.

Nursery hygiene is critical to maintaining effective biosecurity. Nursery & Garden Industry Australia has developed BioSecure HACCP which is an industry-specific biosecurity program for production nurseries and growing media businesses that provides them with a systematic approach to assess on-farm biosecurity hazards. This program also identifies how best to manage these indentified risks.

For further information on BioSecure HACCP please click here.

Spotted anything unusual?

When it comes to dealing with exotic pests, speed is of the essence. Detecting an exotic pest early and mounting a response in enough time to successfully eradicate it is critical.

Businesses should be constantly on the lookout for something unusual in their nursery. Nursery workers eyes and experience are the most important tools that we have.

If you have spotted something unusual, or suspect a pest that represents a risk to your business and the Australian nursery industry, simply call the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on
1800 084 881.

Your call will be forwarded to an experienced person in the state department of agriculture who will ask some questions about what you have seen and may arrange to collect a sample. Every report will be taken seriously, checked out and treated confidentially.

If inquiries confirm the presence of an exotic pest then authorities will work with NGIA to develop an action plan. Actions are guided by the seriousness of the pest incursion. If the pest can be stamped out, an eradication response may be launched with actions guided by the EPPRD. If eradication is not thought to be technically feasible or economically beneficial, then actions may be directed at containment and control.

To download a copy of the nursery industry Spotted Anything Unusual information card, please click on the icon below:

Why report an exotic pest?

Any exotic pest incursion will eventually be detected. However, if left unreported, an incursion may quickly spread and may become too established and widespread to eradicate. This could ultimately result in far greater losses to individual businesses and the whole nursery and garden industry for many years to come.