Supply Chain

Improving efficiencies within the nursery industry supply chain

Like any modern business sector the nursery and garden industry is continually being driven to improve efficiencies in production, dispatch, transport, customer planning and consumer engagement.

As we are all aware, the product we produce is only of benefit to the consumer, customer or the greater environment when it has been planted. We need to achieve this as smoothly and efficiently as possible and in a manner which is repeatable millions of times per week. This is relevant whether the plants are destined for retail customers such as Bunnings, the landscape sector or even fellow growers who will be growing your products on.

Over the years, a substantial amount of nursery levy money and considerable effort has gone into researching efficiency improvements for the Industry.

Click here to view some of the efficiency and mechanisation improvement projects that have been carried out for the nursery and garden industry.


The following clip outlines some of the supply chain issues within production nurseries in Australia

The following 3 clips outline some resolutions to these supply chain issues.