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More Trees Please

March 2, 2012 marked Phase 2 of the industry’s Improve Your Plant/Life Balance campaign. The focus of this campaign was ‘More Trees Please’ which is designed to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of trees to the wider community.

Why ‘More Trees Please’?

Activities such as National Tree Day have resulted in more trees being planted, however the many benefits associated with these trees is still lacking, particularly in urban communities.

Our Message

There is a growing body of international research which clearly demonstrates that trees:

•Filter air pollutants and provide oxygen that we breathe

•Provide us with a connection to nature and the human senses

•Create places for recreation and enjoyment

•Make life more peaceful, relaxing and stress free

•Make urban streets safer

In addition, shade from tree canopies can reduce energy consumption particularly during warmer months and cool our suburbs by day and night making life more comfortable. The nursery industry is currently researching this through collaborations with CSIRO and Universities across Australia.

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If you have any questions regarding ‘More Trees Please’ or Improve Your Plant/Life Balance, please contact NGIA on (02) 8861 5100 or email

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