What is the Nursery Industry Levy?

What is the levy and why does it exist?

The nursery industry has invested levy funds into a diverse range of research and development projects, as well as national marketing initiatives, to create a stronger, more sustainable future for growers.

These funds are managed by Hort Innovation, the not-for-profit grower owned Research and Development Corporation (RDC) for Australia’s $9.5 billion horticulture industry.

The levies collected go towards projects that help to foster innovation and improve productivity at a business level as well as boost the overall demand of green life.

How does the levy work?

The nursery levy – commonly known as the pot levy – is paid on potted plants that are produced in Australia. The levy is based on the action of putting a plant into a container with potting media for growing on or for sale and is currently set at 5%.

This levy is collected by the Australian Government, which passes the funds on to Hort Innovation. Hort Innovation then works with industry to make strategic investments in R&D and marketing, with R&D investments also attracting financial contributions from the Australian Government.

More than $2.8 million was invested into R&D and marketing during 2016-17.

Who sets the direction of the levy?

Investments in R&D and marketing projects are guided by the industry’s Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), which was finalised by Hort Innovation during 2017 in close consultation with growers and other industry stakeholders.

Hort Innovation manages the levy funds and works closely with the industry peak body, Nursery & Garden Industry Australia/Greenlife Industry Australia, and key partners to deliver valuable projects that help to boost the profitability and sustainability of the nursery industry.

The SIP outlines key industry priorities for investment, and is used like a ‘roadmap’ by the nursery Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP), which has a central role to play in the investment process. The SIAP is a panel made up of growers and other industry representatives that is tasked with providing advice to Hort Innovation on potential levy investments through regular consultation meetings.

All levy payers are also encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on how nursery funds are invested. Growers and other industry participants can submit ideas for projects at any time via Hort Innovation’s Concept Proposal Form. Visit www.horticulture.com.au/innovation-concept-pipeline to learn more and access the online form.

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Who can I contact for more information?

Levy Payer Kit

Levy payers can contact Hort Innovation’s Relationship Manager, Mark Spees on mobile 0439 574 173 or via email mark.spees @horticulture.com.au
Or contact the industry representative body, Nursery & Garden Industry Australia Limited/Greenlife Industry Australia, on 02 8861 5100 or via info@greenlifeindustry.com.au .