Maintaining your membership

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To ensure the continued status of the CNP program, all members are required to demonstrate ongoing professional development in order to retain membership status. Professional development activities are recorded under a point-score system..

To maintain CNP status, you must accrue a total of 20 activity credits (CNP Points) over a 24 month period. CNP Points can also be accumulated 24 months prior to your membership application and be utilised at the time of your membership renewal.

Keeping Records

All CNP members should document their professional development activities. Every 24 months, members are required to submit these documents and related participation certificates as proof of ongoing professional development. At the conclusion of every NGI training session, you should be issued with a Certificate of Attendance which will include the CNP Point value of the session.

There are a range of activities in which CNP Professionals & CNP Specialists can participate to further develop their skills and industry knowledge. Please click here to view the PDF of the CNP points table.