Training & Recognition

Why gamble with your future? Get educated.

All business and industries need skilled labour to survive. Education and skill development is vital to the development of strong, robust businesses and a competitive, thriving industry. The Industry has invested considerable sums of levy funds into the development of industry specific training programs and research into what are the gaps in training that levy payers see as critical for business development.

Those who do not invest in their skill development are gambling with their future. One day you are ahead; the next day, barely keeping up.
Staff and business owners in the nursery and garden industry have access to training and skill development activities via multiple networks including:

  • State Association workshop activities and field days
  • TAFE network and other government funded institutes
  • Private training providers
  • Universities
  • Government departments, such as the Department of Primary Industries
  • Specialist groups
  • In-house training (i.e. skill development performed within businesses and organisations)

The nursery and garden industry offers recognition to those individuals who continually update their skills. For more information about professional recognition for outstanding individuals via the Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) recognition scheme, click here