Environmental Campaigns

Nursery & Garden Industry Australia is resolute about tackling key environmental issues. In this ever-changing landscape, NGIA has dedicated resources to address emerging environmental issues to assist the industry in achieving greater influence in this area. For example, there is much uncertainty surrounding the impact of climate change and variability and how a carbon pollution reduction scheme (CPRS) will impact industry. The future of Australian quarantine and biosecurity arrangements, following the release of the Beale Review, and ongoing water availability and security issues across Australia are other key areas of focus. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for NGIA to address these issues for the benefit of whole of industry.

Nursery & Garden Industry Australia is committed to promoting and encouraging environmentally sound business practices and is dedicated to assisting industry in working towards this goal. Resources that have been developed are available to whole of industry though workshops or via other support materials such as publications. These can be used to help business understand environmental and technical issues and make improvements where necessary. It is critical for industry to demonstrate compliance to environmental legislation and sound environmental stewardship.