Click on the links below to view or download Nursery & Garden Industry Australia policies:

Nursery & Garden Industry Strategic Plan 2010 -15- The Strategic Plan for Australia's green-life industry including its nursery, garden, landscaping and related sectors.

Nursery & Garden Industry Strategic Investment Plan 2012 -16- This document provides guidance for investment in the key strategies and activities that are levy funded and is informed by the Nursery & Garden Industry Strategic Plan 2010-2015. This document was developed in consultation with leading growers and levy payers from around Australia

Environmental Sustainability Position- This document demonstrates NGIA's commitment to environmental sustainability, the appropriate management of the association and its operations, the engagement of businesses in principles and applications of sustainability and the engagement of and collaboration with the broader community.

NGI Climate Change and Variablity Policy Position- This documentoutlines how the Australian nursery and garden industry will play a lead role in managing the effects of climate change and variability in our urban natural environments.It also outlines how governments and authorities can assist in this regard.

NGI Quarantine and Biosecurity Policy Position- This document demonstrates how the Australian nursery and garden industry participates in the biosecurity continuum and outlines how governments and authorities can assist in this regard.

Myrtle Rust Management Plan 2012- This plan provides a detailed framework for growers and retailers to apply on-site for the management of Myrtle Rust on ALL plants from the Myrtaceae family.

Nursery & Garden Industry Invasive Plants Position- This document sets out the the nursery and garden industry's commitment to helping the community tackle the issue of invasive plants. It also outlines how governments and authorities can assist in this regard.

Nursery & Garden Industry Water Policy - Released Jul 2015 with updates Sept 2018. Few industries are more reliant on water than the nursery and garden industry. This policy articulates the importance of water to the industry and its customers as well as the proactive measures industry has taken to manage its use of this precious resource.

National Plant Labelling Guidelines ver 2.0- Released Jan 2013. Developed to help the industry provide clear and accurate information on plant labels, these guidelines aim to establish an accepted standard in the preparation of plant labels and marketing material. They are recommended for adoption by all plant producers, suppliers of plant material, plant retailers and label manufacturers.

Green Marketing and the Trade Practices Act - Guidelines produced by the ACCC to educate businesses about their obligations under the Trade Practices Act in terms of using ‘green' claims as a marketing tool.