Water Management Best Practice Guidelines

The Nursery Industry Water Management Best Practice Guidelines were developed in 1997 to assist with this process and to promote best practice water management in production nurseries.

This publication aims to incorporate all the available information into a set of Best Practice Guidelines. It is intended as a practical guide for both nursery operators and the relevant authorities to use to achieve outcomes that are economically and environmentally sustainable. This guide looks at the six goals for achieving sustainable water use:

  1. Efficient water use to minimise the business’ demand on the water resource.
  2. Irrigation management tools to ensure more productive and efficient use of water.
  3. Increased reuse of waste water to minimise the demand of the business on the water resource.
  4. Effective management of sediment and litter.
  5. Maximising the retention of nutrients to improve efficiency of production and maintain water quality.
  6. Environmentally responsible use of plant protection products to produce quality products.

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